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#7th CB - Plugged In W/ Fumez The Engineer | Prod. By Scratcha | Pressplay


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The First Drill Album | Out now!!

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YOURMUMS AGAM3R : I rate cb but you're a straight wrongen for wanting to split an innocent womens wig
Clamzy : people saying 3CB are jokeman
YT Dr viper : Mans Ilid
jay morris : free upp
Brandon Somersall : Did he say Headie one is a snitch?
FlanagansRage : Thought he said headies a snitch for a second
FourFundamentals : chav
Who is It : Thats wtf bars ngl
Ricky Bedford : Repent repent repent turn to the LORD JESUS asking Him for the forgiveness of sins and accept Him into your life as LORD and SAVIOUR. He has a great plan and purpose for your life. Jesus wants to give you all hope and a future. Jesus wants to give each one that turns to Him an abundant life. The World is only going to get worse we are living in some really evil times...... The World has nothing to offer you. Invite God into your heart today in JESUS NAME. AMEN
A1_ Fundz : He needs to pray

CB - The Things [Music Video] | GRM Daily

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Christina : ‘We the reason they don’t go shop for their mum’ Christ what kind of ...
Christina : What’s he in jail for
MatTheGamer84 : I guss it runs in the family #freeCB #freeYOUNGDIZZ
ProGamer698 _YT : Imagine him being your mates sisters boyfriend I can relate #3CB
Giorgos V : Intro song anyone?
M1.786 : It’s sad how this got less than 2 mil views it’s hard aswell it’s just coz all these ofb fanboys just listen to ofb. Real ones know about cb
Shaun Dwamena : Free CB
Al!en : #FreeCB
Jennifer : Crazyyyness
Tel Sterling : Big raids in N London yesterday!!!

(7th) CB Take That Risk - Official Music Video - Re-Upload

Disclaimer; 1. I do not own this video
2. This video may have offensive language so if your easily offended please don’t be a b*tch and watch/Listen to it (7th) CB Take That Risk
M5 Da Plug : What’s up people I think YouTube’s trying to take down this video even so I’ll be right back
Pop:o : Free dat man
Alexander Bamber : Who’s here from blue story ‍♂️
RybNik CSGO&MORE : This tune would of been on 5-6 mill views rt.
Gamerbabe xoxo : my cousin was into drill so i searched up drill,saw this
and bro
lil kavon : Anyone know how many views it had before taken down?
road runna : Well he took that risk and got life in prison was it worth it
bob : You will never take these crisps
Darrell Ellis : Total shit....!




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