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Break In: Alcatraz - GameNight! LIVE! September 17, 2020 5:30pm PDT

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at
Jonathan : They tell you on their website about the misprinted Clue 31 btw.
David Davison : Open the first layer sounds like you're going to see another layer of the box. If you remove just one of those things holding the box top in place, you're not going to get a new layer.
Jonathan : I 100% agree with Scott.
"Open up the first layer" sounds like "open all sides" to me.
Frank Rodriguez : Deborah is so cool.

Cóatl - GameNight! DateNight!! Se8 Ep25

Intro: 0:00
Start of Game: 15:32
End Game Discussion: 1:00:08
Tonight on GameNight! DateNight!! Nikki and Lincoln teach and show you how to play "Cóatl" designed by Etienne Dubois-Roy \u0026 Pascale Brassard and published by Synapses Games.

Support GameNight! by buying "Cóatl" here:

For more information about "Cóatl":
nelliebly : A cute family game.
Yoggington : Great teach Nikki. Both fun & thorough at once. Cheers.
Ivan Grimm : I'm hoping to get in my first play of this tomorrow, but I am concerned about how devastating it is to not finish a coatl. I know you just have to prepare for the end, but I might house rule half points for unfinished coatls. At least for the first few games until we get a sense of the pacing.
Do you find it too punishing to score nothing on incomplete coatls?
Andrew Kirkland : Great vid keep em coming
merav L : This looks like a fun game, all the more so if you are artistic and/or puzzley. Thanks for showing it to us! :)
Schoko - Fan : wow, this looks soooo nice - bright art and super nice pieces - Thanks for demonstrating this game - did not know anything about it so far
And I really love your show, stay healthy and keep up your excellent work and big thank you for entertaining us with fun content
Vika Boiko : I want this game!!!!!! Thanks for the video!!!!! You're GREAT!!!!!
Board Game Gran : This game has such gorgeous table presence, it's making me want it despite thinking my group would find it a bit meh. It's cute you guys got caught up in what way the feathers were lol I can't imagine why anyone would give you guys grief... it makes me mad. Keep doing what you're doing!
Horace Watkins : Lincoln, you can only have up to 4 prophecy cards per coatl.
Jason Sue : Great game. Played it the other week.

Unsolved Case FIles: Harmony Ashcroft Case - GameNight! LIVE! September 15, 2020 10:30am PDT

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at
Scott Smart : The game looks amazing, your all's gameplay was great, and I hope you play more of them (yes, with Deborah but I think everyone would love for her to play every game). However, there's the critical flaw that happens a lot in a lot of detective shows that kind of ruins the first part of this. Spoiler below:

Yes, the poor man had a public defender, but this is a small town. Someone would have pointed out that the bridge was closed for that vital hour. It was a Friday night too so numerous people would have been out and possibly been affected by it.
Mark Buschhaus : TBH i really appreciate the small talk part. no need to edit it out. maybe rather do timestamps.
Cian O'Mahony : Lincoln’s voicework was hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!
merav L : Will there be an lcg date night? Many are 2P anyway.
Bullet Sponge : Timecodes
0:00 a long wait
4:57 start of talking
22:51 Nikki comes back
38:45 Scott disappears
51:00 Nikki disappears (gets a call from her dad)
52:57 Nikki comes back with bad news
54:41 Scott comes back
58:10 discussion of box
59:13 rerun of intro
1:00:21 re discussion of the box
1:07:28 third run of the intro
1:08:45 re discussion about the quality of the box
1:10:00 Flavour text, discussion of how to check you were correct
1:10:46 Where is Deborah?
1:11:11 Examination of case file (the game begins)
4:05:52 Thoughts about the game (contains spoilers)
4:11:57 Call for requests

You guys crack me up. Feel bad for the editor. But looks like you guys had fun! The game looks good too!
Barry Westman : We played this one a while ago... it was fun!! Thanks for the playthrough!
eddie drood : Love GameNight. It's a fun show and really helped grow the site
Jonathan : Just want to mention that the "real talk" before the games and inbetween is welcomed.
Don't need to edit that out :)
Luigi Scazzari : With mysteries missing from cinemas, I am glad there are so many investigative board games
James David : I purchased this from Amazon and it came in a plastic bag. Bummer it didn't come in a proper box like that one.




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