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FRP Butt-Joint Kit Lamination Tutorial【FRPpiping】 *Please turn on CC subtitle in setup*

FRP Butt-Joint Fiberglass Kit is a package of fiberglass strips precut for FRP technician on the field or shop as ready use Fiberglass reinforcement to fabricate Butt-Joint FRP Pipes and Fittings lamination without going through time consumed preparation of cutting different types and sizes of Fiberglass material.

The specifications meet PS 15-69 “Custom Contact-Molded Reinforced Polyester Chemical-Resistant Process Equipment” minimum total width. It is for customer’s option to select suitable pressure type of kits for joining both FRP Hand-Lay and FW piping system.

All fiberglass materials are the highest quality commercial grade meet FRP industry and Marine standard. It can work with almost all types of Unsaturated Polyester and Epoxy resin.

For more product information, please visit
John Veloz : How long do you allow each stage of epoxy to set/dry?
Gea Bea : Agree with comment above regarding pre-gel / bog used in the beveled area of join. Even rovings wouldn’t do a great deal. There’s no extended stagger or graduation in the additional layers , no mention of overlap length or the stagger of overlap locations ( 12 o’clock- 4 o’clock -8 o’clock) let alone the fact that it’s CSM used in joining laminate! Use triaxial weave with the uni running along join , 20% over lap and increase ply width each layer . Remove air by screening by hand massage then wrap in stricture ( high temp stretchy clear film ) to consolidate . Use peel ply between laminate and stricture if coating necessary otherwise coated or add additional laminates within green stage of cure ( chemical adhesion )
Angkiy Kumar : All chemical name
Muhammad Azlan Kamaruddin : how many layers that i need to wrap with fibreglass sheet on 2",4",6",8" & 16" diameter of frp pipe?
Nivetha Mathi : wantad irutha sollaum
sun june : Tis is useless video... to be frank... at site condtion hw can u do tis kind of lamination by rolling pipes..tis lamination luks like surgery being done inside an ICU...
Marcos Antonio 1 : Neste caso ae eu uso foi rolving pra Barreira Química
Hamdi Hamaadi : Pourquoit le mastique c'est une faute
JOEGGGJOE : I would of wrapped a strand/s of woven roven in the beveled gap first with the slurry mixture you made. That slurry is more of a filler with no strength properties.
WORLD NEWS உலகச் செய்தி : Pls tell the resin formula

Joining two pieces of fiberglass pipe or duct together-- Part 1

In this video Composites USA will demonstrate how to join two pieces of FlameGuard duct together using vinylester resin and fiberglass
sodipia plastique : yes ci bon
Nordik 93 : Too much puty !... et ira supose the pipes grind tipEr !
Faisal wattu : Nice video
BlaineTrain : I hope this video gets some traction so that you guys are encouraged to make lots more content like this. Thank you VERY much for the education.

How to Join fiberglass Pipe or Duct-Elbow

We show you a demonstration of joining an FRP elbow and straight piece of pipe together. It is called a doing a joint, doing a weld and it creates a joint that will not leak or crack.
We can supply all the materials to do the joint including the tools.
Roger Heuckeroth : So, why bother with the c-veil if your sealing the ends and puttying the joint?
Khaled Hassan : What is the name of the supports?




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