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3d max,vray최신버전을 사용해야하는이유

3d max,vray최신버전을 사용해야하는이유
건축 인테리어 제품 영상 3dmax강좌 브이레이강좌 revit강좌 캐드강좌 포토샵강좌등 한국3dmax동영상강좌가 많은 3d맥스맨카페로 놀러오세요. 전부 무료입니다 ^^\r
3dmax에 최적화된 컴퓨터도 최저가로 팔고 있습니다. \r
riha 7 : 너무 잘 봤습니다.
dk lee : 좋은 강좌 감사합니다.
한동우 : 잘봤습니다~
임임지연 : 유용한 정보감사힙니다~ ㅎㅎ
yj b : 잘보았습니다.
김형민 : 감사합니다~
김따당 : 강의 잘 봤습니다!
정수진 : 최신버전으로 써야겠네염.......잘봤습니다 감사합니당
고영훈 : 좋은정보 감사합니다~~
seulki lee : 유익한정보 감사합니다

What's new in #3dsMax 2021.2 Update

What's new in 3ds Max 2021.2 Update
- Smart Extrude
- Selection Improvements
- Spline Chamfer Modifier
- PBR Mixer Shader
- Other New OSL Shaders

Video courtesy Autodesk.
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interplanetary gelatin : why application menu is missing even reset to default ui
3ds max : So after 20 years, my beloved max still has no native OBJ sequence exporter. How hard can it be to add that? I have a script that does it but it's kinda sucky.
sameer nawathe : fantastic video..
Bob Ma : A little bit not suprised,even c4d and blender are updating very fast and we may say evolutionary
Alej M-C : What is that 3d realtime viewport config? Is that by default? The one that even shows OSL maps, DoF, etc in realtime.
Rajendra Meena : Full copy of blender.....
Philip Flip : Champfer Spline))
aaronmpeters26 : BLENDER. all the features, none of the price
seow blake : Yeah, there's some good improvements there, I've been using 3dsmax for 20 years, I would say 3dsmax was starting to fall behind the times in the recent 10 years. Autodesk needs to wake up and take it seriously instead of act like sitting on a gold mine.
Uriii PAWN : Gran eloi gran

3ds Max 2021

Autodesk 3ds Max 2021 is here, focusing on modernization, performance, fit and finish. We’re introducing you to an all-new experience for Texture Baking and Install, major improvements to the Viewport, and key enhancements to Substance tools, ProSound and SketchUp import. You will also find speed improvements throughout your process from installation to rendering and see that 3ds Max Python 3 is now set as the default Python interpreter.
interplanetary gelatin : why application menu is missing even reset to default ui
Abiyyu _xyz : I'm here because blender meme :D...i want see new 3D max
Ersin Ertan : nothing new on particle flow, fluid dynamics, crowd simulation, or fire effects as expected.
Kamel Labiad : This video is kinda useless because you dont even know what they mean when they show something on screen, what part is new and what part is old?
Fernan Jiménez : .... bueh. han ¿pensando en crear su versión de Blender?, el código es abierto, solo deben cambiarlo un poco y agregar 3 addons, es perfectamente legal venderlo, saldría mas barato que lo que sea que están haciendo con 3ds max.
Matteo Falduto : Autodesk buys software and lets it die, then buys new one and repeats.
Pizza : Hi! I'm a student. This is the worst software I ever tested. Launching C4D and Blender felt like losing a tumor! Even Maya and it's crashes feels good next to it.
Ivan Bryan : Nobody buys 3ds Max for 3ds Max.
They do it for the Huuuuge plug-ins support.
But when the base is soooo buggy and old you gotta wonder why even bother?
Maulik Solanki : its better to use Blender
Gigahertz : I'm stuck at "Preparing for installation" for nearly 20 minutes lol




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